A Look Into The Combat of Magic: Legends

In a series titled “Fighting Through The Multiverse PT. 1” and “PT. 2” the devs over at Cryptic gives fans a look into the combat system of Magic: Legends.

The game aims to blend elements that are familiar to both players of the ARPG and collectible card games genres.

It is equally important to us that we remain faithful to the source material of the card game as it is that we build a highly enjoyable yet familiar action-combat game. Finding this balance has been an ongoing challenge that we will continue to embrace through launch and onward as we expand the game.

Combat seems to be based around spells from the different colors of mana familiar to Magic players, white, blue, black, red, and green. The spells will be cast from a random hand from the players deck.

A deck in Legends will contain twelve spells from any of the mana colors. New Planeswalkers will start out with single-colored decks but can use spells of any color.

A Look Into The Combat of Magic: Legends 1

In combat a random selection of four of your twelve spells will be drawn and as you use spells, other spells from the deck will become available.

Combined with the freedom provided by deckbuilding, this feature paves the way for powerful and exciting spell combo possibilities that would not be possible with a more traditional skill rotation system. There might be a specific 3-spell combo that could be considered incredibly overpowered, but the unpredictability of that combo being available allows us to embrace that without jeopardizing the overall balance of the game.

Head over to the official Magic: Legends site to read more about the combat system.

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