April Fowls Return To Neverwinter PLus Limited-Time Astral Lockbox, Double Glory, And More

The April Fowls event is back in Neverwinter with a ton of chicken-related content for you to tackle, and chicken-related rewards to earn.

Head over to Earl in Protector’s Enclave to begin. The event runs until April 15th.

Seems that something fowl is taking over Neverwinter and it’s all centered around a poor civilian by the name of Earl. Earl the Chickenmancer has been cursed with a Touch of the Chicken. His ability to turn things into chickens has become a hazard to Neverwinter! Head to Protector’s Enclave and talk to Earl so that you may help him fix the overflock of chickens! By helping Earl clean up this fowl mess, you will be able to claim the the fowlest mount you have ever seen!

A limited-time Astral Lockbox is also available in the Wondrous Bazaar. This special lockbox does not need keys to open. These will be up in the Bazaar until April 8th along with a 15% sale.

There’s also a 2x Glory event and 2x Ravenloft currency to be made at the moment. These events also last until April 8th.

In the Zen store, there is a 25% sale off appearances and 20% off mounts until April 5th.

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