Ashes of Creation Team Fights More Than 1000 Bears In March Update

The Ashes of Creation team has posted their development update for March over at YouTube, showcasing the latest work that has been done on the game leading up to Alpha one.

In a recent test, Creative Director, Steven Sharif accidentally spawned 5000 bears instead of 500 to test the server and was pleasantly surprised that it held up with hundreds of players and thousands of bears.

To prove the point he spawns 1110 bears for the team to tackle during the Alpha One preview gameplay section of this month’s stream.

Lead Game Designer, Jeff Bard, says on the topic of dungeons that they are aiming for “something like 6 or 7 dungeons” for Alpha One with one 40 player world raid boss.

For those of you who are eager to get in on the testing of Ashes of Creation, Alpha One sales might open again soon, so lookout for an update on that in the future.

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