DDO Producer’s Letter January 2020 – Hardcore League S2, 64-bit client, new expansion on the horizon.

The producer’s letter for January 2020 can be found here. The letter was packed with info about what is on the horizon for DDO.

First comes update 45, which will be released in February. Which will have epic versions of “The Catacombs” and “Delera’s Tomb” adventure packs, and also the new Alchemist class.

Season two of Hardcore League was also announced which will feature Arraetrikos.

A 64-bit client is also on the way which promises improved performance and other quality of life improvements to the game.

A new adventure pack will be arriving in spring set in Stormreach, and an expansion later set in the Feywild.

All in all, it seems like 2020 might end up being a very good year for DDO.

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