ESO Is The Biggest Multi-Platform MMORPG With Over 18 Million Accounts

Yesterday Bethesda joined Xbox in a roundtable on Youtube discussing the recent merger of the two companies.

A couple of minutes of the roundtable got dedicated to Zenimax and the Elder Scrolls Online (From around the 35-minute mark for anyone interested). Not much new info was revealed but we did get a short history lesson about Zenimax.

It was also revealed that ESO can boast over 18 million total accounts in its lifetime, despite all the troubles the game had after its launch, with 3 million new users joining in 2020, making it the biggest multi-platform MMORPG according to Aaron Greenberg, head of games marketing at Xbox.

Matt Firor, Studio Director at Zenimax credits Robert Altman with a lot of the success ESO has had. Altman passed earlier this year and was the founder and CEO at Zenimax.

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