Everquest Nostalgia Overload

When mankind finally discovers the secrets of time travel, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was by the hand of someone in the Everquest community.

When the news break to the rest of the world and the press break down the doors where the time machine is kept, they will discover that the scientist and his machine is gone.

The crowd rushes over to a computer where a date is flashing on the screen. “March 16th, 1999”

Everquest players are nostalgic creatures, and I count myself as one of them. Below is a list I put together of some of my favorite “Evercrack” nostalgia.

Everlore & Casters Realm

Out of the Everquest sites, Everlore and Casters Realm was my favorites. Parts of them can still be accessed through the Wayback Machine.

Everquest Nostalgia Overload 1
Everquest Nostalgia Overload 2

I guess I could mention Allakhazam.com as well but that site still pretty much looks the same to this day.

Skater gnome

Speaking of Casters Realm. Skater Gnome was a series of stories posted there. I remember thinking these were the peak of comedy at the time, 20 years later they’re still mildly humorous and worth a read for a shot of EQ nostalgia.

All the Skater Gnome have been posted on Everquest.Fandom.com.

The Original Evequest UI

If Everquest was heroin, then pictures of the old Everquest UI is my methadone. I can stare at it for hours.

I love everything about it. The icons, the buttons, the spellbook, the little animated class symbol.

Try showing it to friends who haven’t played EQ or any older PC RPGs and you are in for a laugh though.

Sleeper’s Tomb Raid Video

Long before Youtube or Twitch was a thing I downloaded this video from Kazaa or Limewire, and it was the most glorious thing I had seen in my life. I saw it so many times that I still remember every word to the weird song.

Trailer and Launch Video

Keen on more mushy pixels that I guess you can call a video. With a squint and some knowledge about EQ you can almost guess what’s going on in the trailer below from 1998.

And then there’s the launch video, those Blizzard cinematics ain’t got nothing on this one.

Old Everquest Articles

If a magazine had the smallest mention of Everquest in it, I had to buy it. Sadly I’ve lost them all, but I’ve come across a few articles online.

The Everquest Manual

Being only around 10 at the release of Everquest I was only allowed to spend an hour or two playing video games, so the rest of the day was spent either thinking of Everquest or reading the manual.

The full manual can be found here.

Everquest Nostalgia Overload 13

Funny Everquest Songs

Every EQ player will remember the mega hit “Has anybody seen my corpse?” by Electric Funstuff. Right?. And of course hits like “The servers are down again” and “If I had a billion platinum” by Richie Truxillo. Right?

The Tutorial

The servers are down. You could go outside and get some sunlight. Or you could play the tutorial again.

That’s all we got this round, let me know what your favorite piece of Evercrack nostalgia is in the comments below.

If you want more Everquest content, check out our post with some of our favorite art from the Everquest universe.

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