Everquest Turns 21 -Free 85 Character Boost, New TLP Servers Announced and Server Merges

It’s been 21 years since I first set foot in Norrath. I still remember the day and find it quite hard to believe.

A bunch of things is planned for the anniversary like a free level 85 boost and a 50% XP bonus.

We’ve got some great things in store for the anniversary, such as our new Overseer feature and the Veteran AA rewards. We still have a few things we’d like to discuss below as we enter our 21st year, including our annual 50% bonus experience event, which will be from March 16, 2020 12 AM PDT to April 1, 2020 at 1 AM PDT

Two new time-locked progression servers are also in the works, Aradune and Rizlona. Aradune clearly being a homage to the late, great father of Everquest, Brad McQuaid. Aradune being his in-game name.

Aradune is a new concept for our Truebox server rule set. It’s going to have similarities to Mangler’s rule set in terms of XP, era locking, and a lot more. Rizlona will also share the Mangler rule set and be our first boxing progression server in a long time. More specific rule sets and how they will function differently than the current TLPs will be shared in the coming weeks!

Players will also get a free 85 heroic character boost, available until May 10th

In addition, servers will be merged with the following servers;

Lockjaw -> Ragefire

Trakanon -> Vox

Fippy -> Vox

Brekt -> FV

Read the full update here.

See you all in Norrath!

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