Fast Alt Leveling 50-60 While Making 500K Gold With Herbalism & Mining

Welcome to another Shadowlands gold farming tip.

I recently discovered that leveling with herbalism & mining despite having been nerfed is still really good in Shadowlands.

While mining & picking herbs in Revendreth on my 53 Warrior today I was making around 20K gold an hour and 350k XP with rested bonus.

I was averaging a level every 45 minutes with rested XP (meaning about 1h 30m without)

Activating Threads of Fate works best as you can level in all the zones and then pick the one which currently has the most expensive herbs and ores.

Having a Sky Goldem is a plus and having the Shadowlands Gathering enchant on your gloves helps a lot as well.

Happy gold making / leveling!

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