FFXIV Expanding Explorer Mode and Group Pose In Time For Hatching-tide 2021

It’s just a few more days now until the release of patch 5.5 and the Death Unto Dawn microsite has been updated with even more information.

Explorer mode will be getting an update in patch 5.5.

With the addition of level 70 dungeons, job actions up to level 80, and performance actions, even more fun in your favorite in-game locales awaits!

The patch will also make Count Charlemend of Ishgard’s House Durendaire available as a Custom Deliveries client.

In a recent developer blog, it was also revealed that Group Pose will be getting a bunch of new stickers to put in your screenshots.

This will all be in time for the Hatching-tide chicken-themed event that will be kicking off the day after the patch on April 14th.

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