Magic: Legends Geomancer Class Preview

Over on the Arc Games News Blog, a preview for the Geomancer class in Magic: Legends has been posted, giving fans an insight into the design going into the design of the class.

When designing the Geomancer specifically, we knew we wanted a durable melee character class that encapsulated both the passionate fury attributed to red mana and a deep connection to the element of earth. We researched Magic the Gathering’s iconic planeswalkers and landed on Koth from the Mirrodin expansion block as our starting design inspiration. Not only did he appear durable and earthen in his card art, the visual language of the illustrations portrayed a very clear and molten aggression we felt was perfect for a melee gameplay experience.

magic legends geomancer
Geomancer concept art for Magic: Legends

The Geomancer is a melee type class with high damage output and high mobility, combined with some survivability in the form of shields. Which to be honest sounds like a fun class for an ARPG type of game.

Read the full preview on the Arc site.

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