Mount Sale and Chance At Legendary Mount in Insignia Packs!

Happy news for any mount collectors or anyone that needs to speed things up a bit, mounts are now off 20% in Neverwinter.

For the extra lucky ones, legendary mounts can also be looted from Insignia Packs. These are all BoE so even if you have all the mounts you need, you still have a chance to strike it rich.

The mounts you can get are;

Tenser’s Floating Disk

Warpainted Tyrannosaur

Commander Tyrannosaur


Celestial Stag

Arcane Whirlwind

Runeclad Manticore

Swift Golden Lion

Armored Griffon

Emperor Beetle

Black Ice Warhorse

Imperial Rage Drake

Skeleton Steed

Armored Bulette

Armored Axe Beak

Armored Giant Strider

Coastal Flail Snail

War Triceratops

The sale lasts until March 16th, and legendary mounts in Insignia Packs until March 19th.

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