Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Development Update Featuring the Murk

The latest development update from the Pantheon developers started off talking a bit about the area called the Murk. A few work in progress images were shown from the area.

The next topic that is touched upon quickly is NPC AI, promising to give NPCs more natural movements and positioning.

The Living Codex Update

We also get an update into the Living Codex which is a part of the UI which looks a lot like an updated version of the spellbook from Everquest.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Development Update Featuring the Murk 5

The codex will have a few different sorting options with tabs for types of abilities. Some abilities will also be possible to upgrade through the codex.

When asked by fans to elaborate on the ability system, Joppa the creative director said;

The modification system for abilities is inspired as a hybrid of WoW’s talent tree and Everquest’s alternate advancement

And went on to explain the part of WoW’s talent system that they like is the way it gives players a way to take your class a little bit further with every level, giving players something to work towards with every level.

While the inspiration taken from EQ’s AA system is the way it gives players something to work on after you reach the max level. Simply by continuing to give the player XP that can be spent to buy points.

The devs then went through some of the reason patch notes which promises “MASSIVE” improved performance, massive UI improvements and a whole slew of other improvements.

Finally, questions were asked in a Q&A where answers were given to topics on the Murk, coin weight, guild banks and when we will be seeing some of the other playable races like the Dark Myr.

See the whole development update below

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