Pantheon Shows Off A Dungeon And The Rogue CLass In A 2 Hour Gameplay Video

The Pantheon team recently teamed up with Youtuber CohhCarnage, who should be a familiar face to anyone that has been following the development of Pantheon.

Cohh takes charge of a level 20 Rogue in a 2-hour gameplay session with some of the devs behind Pantheon, exploring some of the game’s systems. The content shown in the video is meant as an evaluation build to show to potential investors.

The area shown in the video is a dungeon called Fortress DeViare, where Cohn goes through some Rogue training.

Even though Pantheon is still in early Alpha, the game is looking pretty good. One of the things that stands out in the video is the ambiance of Fortress DeViare, especially the sound effects which you should pay attention to throughout the video.

The amount of interactable objects like chests, loot scattered around and pieces of lore in books, notes, and letters also adds to the feel of the place, and in my opinion are RPG elements that are missing from many modern MMOs.

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