Solo 50K Gold an Hour With Skinning & Herbalism in Shadowlands

This is the second post in a series of Shadowlands gold farming tips.

First of all I will show you a nice little method I use for finding good gold farming spots that aren’t too crowded.

First of all, find out what you want to farm. This can be anything herbs, meat, fish, cloth or anything else.

Then use the auction house to find good items to farm. In the example in the video below I knew I wanted to do skinning but also find mobs with good loot.

So I did a search for “Shadowlands cooking” and found a list on WoWHead with all the different meats in Shadowlands.

I then searched for all of them on the auction house and found out that Shadowy Shank and Tenebrous Ribs are the two most valuable and that they both drop off the same mob!

So I headed over to Maldraxxus to hunt some Bloodtusks, just to the east of the Theater of Pain.

To my surprise I also discovered that this was a pretty good herbalism spot as well.

Currently I am able to farm 50k gold an hour here, completely solo with a combination of Skinning and Herbalism.

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