Universal & Warcraft Movie Twitter Account Share 14 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes

After being inactive since mid-2019, the #WarcraftMovie Twitter account sprung to life to share a 14-minute video of deleted scenes from the Warcraft movie.

The video contains 11 different deleted scenes with the following titles:

  • Durotan & Orgrim petition for entry
  • Durotan fights Dark Scar
  • Orcas at Campfire
  • Lothar receives Boomstick at Ironforge
  • Callan & Khadgar ride to the Lion’s Pride Inn
  • Lothar briefs Medivh
  • King and Queen talk on balcony
  • Meeting of the kingdoms
  • The city prepares for war
  • Lothar mourns
  • New guardian

The Warcraft movie was considered a flop in the west but did very well in cinemas in China.

Could Universal and Legendary Pictures be considering a Warcraft movie sequel as we ready ourselves for The Burning Crusade?

Last year there were rumors circulating about a sequel with even Chris Metzen sharing a Movieweb article about the rumors on Twitter.

What did you think of the movie and would you watch a sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Universal & Warcraft Movie Twitter Account Share 14 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes”

  1. I loved the first movie and would definitely watch a second and many more World of Warcraft Movies. I saw it in theaters, bought it on DVD, VUDU, and have watched it 15 times since. PLEASE make more.


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