ESO Previews The Cauldron Dungeon From THe Flames of Ambition DLC

ZeniMax has posted a preview of The Cauldron, a dungeon coming with the Flames of Ambition DLC in March.

Hidden within the eastern hills of Deshaan, a long-abandoned mine has become the site of cult activity, and Drathas, a local Dark Elf from a nearby village, needs your help to rescue his enslaved family. However, Drathas is not the only one interested in the mine, as the fan-favorite Dremora Lyranth also has reason to explore its depths, too. For the dev team, adding Lyranth to the dungeon, with her obvious connection to Oblivion, was an easy decision to make.

It looks like players might be in for some surprises in the new dungeon as well with some new mechanics.

“We have thrown a couple wrinkles into this dungeon that players haven’t seen before,” says Finnigan. “There are some new ways to accomplish goals that also incorporate levers that allow players to increase the challenge, hard mode aside. The final boss in particular, Baron Zaudrus, is a frantic fight that really emphasizes movement and forces you to have your head on a swivel.”

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