EVE Online Player Tells the Story of a 5000$ Gank

Personally I remember how hard it hit me when faced with the loss of all my gear back in the glory days of Everquest, but thankfully I have never experienced big real-life financial losses in an MMORPG.

In Sci-Fi MMORPG EVE Online, that scenario has happened to quite a few. One of those being a player by the name of Lactose Intolerant who suffered the biggest loss in the history of EVE Online. Losing virtual assets worth a whopping 5000$ USD.

A player by the name of Lactose Intolerant was killed in an Orca mining freighter while transporting a ridiculous number of blueprints to one of EVE Online’s trade hubs. Almost everything was destroyed. Though no exact estimate of their value can be made, players I’ve spoken to guess Lactose Intolerant’s total loss to be around 500 billion ISK. When converted to EVE Online subscription time it equals nearly $5,000 USD, making it one of the biggest kills in EVE history. In the last seven days alone, the most expensive single kill in EVE was only around 240 billion ISKā€”and that was for an entire Keepstar, the Death Stars of EVE Online.

Read the full story over at PCGamer.

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