New World Updates Crafting And Introduces The Rapier

The latest update coming to New World is updating the crafting system and introducing a new weapon, the rapier.

We introduced a new melee weapon that excels at quick piercing attacks. The rapier’s attacks scale off of a character’s Dexterity score. Adventurers will be able to progress two mastery trees

New World Updates Crafting And Introduces The Rapier 2

Big changes are coming to the crafting system by adding many new items that can be crafted by most trade skills and adding a variety of rare resources and ingredients.

We’ve made major changes to increase the number of items players can craft and added additional functionality to the crafting system. The main goal for these changes is to keep crafting and gathering relevant through end game, while adding more depth, a new interface, and more interesting choices in the crafting system.

See the full list of updates and changes on the official site.

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