Star Trek Online Bans Player After Asking For Refund On A Lifetime Subscription

Reddit User MattPoly told the story of his ban in the STO subreddit yesterday, after he got banned from the MMO which he had played for 10 years.

He had recently bought a lifetime subscription but had some problems with support regarding an issue with the increased number of bank slots, one of the benefits that come with the lifetime sub.

MattPoly goes on to describe the encounter with customer support in detail where he is denied a refund several times, with screenshots as evidence.

After sending three tickets to support to no avail, he sent a formal letter of complaint, asking for a refund.

He then received a reply from Cryptic letting him know that he would get the refund but the 10-year-old account would be banned.

After further review, we’ve granted a refund to your account. However the account will be banned. The funds should be visible in 5-7 business days. Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.

Thank you for playing.

GM DragonAsh, Senior Game Master

This certainly seems like a long way to go for Cryptic to maneuver out of paying a refund or just giving the man his bank slots.

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